Read to Know How Will You Ship Your Car from Florida to New York


When you consider moving a car across states, few routes are as popular as those connecting Florida and New York. Aside from vehicles, the eastern shore sees a lot of products go in both directions, making it a fairly familiar route for drivers and also all transport carriers in both states.

This implies that those wishing to transfer a car from Florida –to New York have options, which means they can save money. With a little effort, you will be able to call a few firms and obtain a cost estimate, putting you in a certain position to make your best selection possible when selecting an auto shipper.

Call Ship A Car, Inc. representative for a free estimate on shipping a car right from Florida to New York, or visit their website at SAC has offices in both states, as well as all significant cities in between.

Shipping the car from Florida – New York

For snowbirds,Florida is one of the most popular winter destinations. It is no wonder, given the sun, sand, and beach cocktails! It is also one of the country’s most popular tourist spots, with more than 100 million tourists each year.

There is no better the environment in the tourism sector than here! In terms of population, both states are comfortably in the Top 5 – New York having only over 20 million citizens, while Florida has surpassed 21 million in its most recent census!

Thus it makes transit from Florida to New York a popular, slightly elevated route that attracts the attention of automobile transportation companies across the country.

These carriers are capable of transporting more than just commuter cars, SUVs, andtrucks. Between New York and Florida, you might not prefer to rack up the miles. After all, it is roughly 1,500 miles from Buffalo to Daytona!

That is plenty of wear and tear, not to mention fuel. However, the good news will be that auto shipping firms are experienced in handling all of these and much more, including ATVs, RVs, and just about anything with tires!

If you are moving or simply want to show off only your vehicle, contacting any auto transport company will be the best option. Spots are limited, especially during busy months of the year, which they fill up quickly.

Different shipping options

  • Open – The most frequent variety is an open car carrier, which can transport anywhere from four to twelve vehicles at once. You may have spotted these trucks on the highway transporting a load of vehicles to a dealership.
  • Enclosed – Enclosed carriers are designed for transporting fewer automobiles, typically one to four. Because the vehicle is totally enclosed for the whole duration of the shipping, loading, and unloading takes longer. This provides additional protection when transporting yourcar.
  • Door-to-door – Car shipping often means picking up your vehicle at a local terminal, however, you can also arrange delivery to your home or a specific place. Auto transport from door to door is a certain premium service with a little higher price tag.

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