The efficient range of ACME thread gauges sold by Gaugestools



The thread gauges manufacturers produce many different types of products suitable for various hardware. These thread gauges vary based on their sizes, dimension, specs, and price amongst other factors. If you are in need of a particular thread gauge then it makes sense to look at products from various companies and research them before purchasing. The things to look for in a company is their experience in the field, track record, customer reviews, etc. and most important thing to consider is compatibility with your requirements. 

Gaugestools is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality thread gauges with excellent track record, favorable customer reviews and certified products. The company has become one of the most reliable suppliers of high quality thread gauges and has earned the trust of the customers through its professional service. The company has incredible customer service as there is 24 hours chat server setup on the website. The return and exchange policy is friendly with refund in one week due to several reasons. 

The company has considerable expertise in thread gauges and it sells a wide range of thread gage products on its website. Some of the products include UN thread gauges, metal thread gauges, UNS thread gauges, ACME thread gauges, trapezoidal thread gauges, NPT thread gauges, BSPT (R) thread gauge, BSPP (G) thread gauge, UNG thread gauge, API thread gauges, NPSM thread gauges, UNF thread gauges, and UNC thread gauges amongst a host of others. 

All these products are organized and systematically listed under different categories so the customers can navigate it easily on the website. Amongst the different types of thread gauges, the Acme thread gauge is prominently used in the market and is one of the highest selling products in the market. The ACME thread gauges are used for gauging internal and external threaded products.

The best-in-class ACME thread gauged from Gaugestools

The Gaugestools provide some of the best ACME thread gauges. ACME comes in two types same as other gauges that is ring gauges and plug gauges. The thread ring gauges are used for examining external threads whereas the plug gauges are used for examining the internal threads. The company also provides various start ACME thread gauges as well as modified ACME thread gauges.

The ACME thread forms come with 29 degree thread angle and the height of the thread is half of the pitch. The crest and peak are flat. The company also provides general purpose ACME, stub-acme thread ring & thread plug gauges, centralizing ACME and GO NOGO. The company has thread gauges of standard ACME in bulk stock and these products are 100% calibrated for quality assurance. The company also sells these products at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the product. 

The ACME thread gauges manufactured by Gaugestools follow the ASME 81.5 protocol and has hardness of 58-62 HRC. The manufacturer provides the necessary standard certification and it also provides the long form calibration certificate.  


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