Leather Luggage Tags – Buying a top quality Travel Accessory


Every time a person decides to purchase a leather luggage tag more than an inexpensive plastic or cloth one, most commonly it is due to leather’s timeless appeal and perceived considered quality and luxury. However, all leathers, and for instance, luggage tags, aren’t produced equal. Here are some ideas on things to consider in a top quality leather luggage tag. Luggage tags have four fundamental components: leather, hardware, thread along with a transparent plastic window.


While looking for quality, you need to choose a luggage tag created from vegetable tanned leather. Certainly, it’s the most durable of leathers. Saddles and gun holsters are produced from this type of leather. If taken proper proper proper care of correctly, vegetable tanned leather goods may last several generations. This leather can also be better for the atmosphere, as opposed to chrome tanned leather,that’s very toxic for that atmosphere. The most effective vegetable tanned leather is created the following within the united states . states. Wickett & Craig of the usa and Hermann Oak both make excellent vegetable tanned leather.


A sturdy metal buckle is the one other important component when evaluating leather luggage tag. What good is excellent leather when the buckle breaks? Select a tag having a brass, nickel plated brass, or stainless buckle for durability and elegance. Avoid buckles created from pot metals, which break easily and search cheap.

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A great way to place cheap leather goods generally would be to consider the thickness within the thread and the quantity of stitches per inch were selected for which makes it. Some big factories uses thin thread and very number of stitches per inch since it uses less thread,and saves them money. Stay fit and healthy to create their products as cheaply as possible,frequently at the cost of true quality. When the thickness within the thread resembles the size acquainted with sew an outfit-up costume shirt, it’s too thin. The stitches per inch vary according to the thickness within the thread along with the leather. To stitch two products of fourOr5 oz vegetable tanned leather, this is a couple of a few things i use to create luggage tags, I exploit most likely probably the most heavy within the middleweight threads, size 138 through getting an average tensile strength of twenty-two pounds. I in addition only use glued nylon thread, because personally,as well as the opinion of leather artisans, it’s the only step to utilize when machine sewing leather goods.

Plastic Window

It is important that contact details is unquestionably have the plastic window within the bag tag. When the plastic is simply too thin, cracks or turns yellow, it’ll hinder the clearness within the information. Avoid a plastic window created from acetate, owing to time it’ll turn yellow and render your tag useless.

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