Different Styles of Sneakers You Can Use In 2022


As time has advanced, people’s style statement has also changed. While wearing smart sneakers was considered a luxury in the past, keeping them in the wardrobe has become pretty essential.

Sneakers are undoubtedly the most versatile footwear that will give you a more stylish look. Air Jordan 4 Black Cat is one of the most classical-style sneakers available. 

This all-black model is manufactured by Nike and can give your feet a clean and dashing look. Thus, you can decide to wear them on any type of occasion. But first, it is important to be aware of the top sneaker styles in 2022.

High Top

High-top sneakers are one the oldest types of sneakers that provide excellent support to the ankle. So, many baseball and basketball players choose to wear them. 

The best thing about these shoes is that they can easily modify an outfit’s proportions. When combined with a pair of cuffed and cropped pants, they give an impression of a shorter lower half. This factor makes them the perfect option for people with tall heights and long legs. 

Designers also get more space to use their creations. Many Air Jordan sneakers are high top sneakers.


When you aim to enjoy your vacations or chill in the summer, nothing can be a better option than slip-on sneakers. 

While various options are available, experts always recommend using a classic canvas slip-on because of its comfort. 

Retro Runner

Retro sneakers are manufactured using the initial design of an original model. Nike has popularized this style, and their Air Jordan shoes have a large variety of retro sneakers. So, if you’re looking for the Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Cat, you can find it at any top-rated retail store like HypeYourBeast. 

Air Jordan retro sneakers are modified versions of the shoes used by Michael Jordan himself during his playing days. These sneakers are popular among basketball players and other types of athletes worldwide.


Suede refers to a textured fabric that makes a simple sneaker look stunning. Because suede is hairy, it can take dye pretty well, resulting in vibrant, deep, and rich color combinations. These types of sneakers can effectively bridge the gap between smart and casual. So, whether you are wearing tailored pants or jeans, you can wear them without any worries.

You can use a minimalist sneaker in grey suede to achieve maximum versatility of all the available styles. 

Remember that maintaining these sneakers can be challenging. So, always avoid wearing it during the monsoon and buy a purpose-formulated suede protector.

Ending Note

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