BBQs 2U Offers the Best Masterbuilt Gravity Series for Grilling

BBQs 2U Offers the Best Masterbuilt Gravity Series for Grilling

For almost 20 years, BBQs2U has been a resource for the neighbourhood barbecue scene. They tested ineffective BBQs to assist the grillers in purchasing quality models. The greatest barbecue manufacturers from the UK and the US are kept in stock at this tiny family business, such as Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and the Kamado Joe line.

Although gravity-fed grills are not brand-new, they were not a choice for people on a tight budget. However, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series BBQ transformed this scene and made sure the prices are not very expensive, but the quality is the best.

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series BBQ is designed for low-temperature, gradual smoking. It can grill and sauté with ease because its highest cooking temperature is 700°F. It can roast and bake as well. The cooking temperature can be adjusted using the digital control panel between 225°F and 700°. A digitally regulated fan aids in preserving the room’s temperature and airflow.

Masterbuilt – Portable Charcoal Grill:

With the convenience of a gas grill on the road, the Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill offers the unrivalled flavour of charcoal. To keep your desired temperature for a maximum of four hours, simply set the SteadyTemp dial rather than manually regulating the coals on your grill.


  • To convert the complete cooking surface into a grill for searing at high heat, cast iron grates are included. There are four probe ports on the temperature control board. One probe is included in the packing, but additional ones can be ordered on BBQs2U.
  • Two sliders on the charcoal hopper help to cut off the flow of oxygen when it is necessary to stop the cooking. The flames are put out by the two plates, which also begin the cooling process by cutting off the oxygen.
  • These sliders enable the recycling of the leftover charcoal in the hopper.
  • It contains grill grates that can be removed easily and you can simply clean it in the water. Every time you cook, you may easily clean the ashtray by pulling it out and emptying the residue.
  • A gleaming digital controller with a digital interface is included with the Masterbuilt Gravity series. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled for simple smartphone control from far-off locations.
  • Simply install the Masterbuilt app to your smartphone to manage the grill even while out shopping or having a night out before dinner.
  • This BBQ also comes with a removable QuickCollapse trolley for quick and easy folding.
  • Additionally, you will have additional prep space and convenient drink holders thanks to the two side shelves.

Further, the Masterbuilt Gravity series 560 features an entire cooking area of 560 square inches, the Masterbuilt 800 BBQ, has a big area for cooking and prepping of 800 square inches, and the Masterbuilt 1050 BBQ, which is the most recent model, has a cooking area of 1050 square inches.

At BBQ2U, you will find grills that are lightweight, portable, small and accessible in a range of sizes. Choose a barbecue that uses gas or charcoal for consistently delicious results. Masterbuilt – Portable Charcoal Grill with Cart can be your best selection.

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